How To Turn R1 To R 1 Million In 20 Days Via Forex , Yes This Is A True Story .

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All you need is a free forex traing , and forex trading strategies.

believe it or not , in 20 days you can turn R1 to R1 million , using a good forex trading strategies like the one i am going to tearch you now. you can now get you calculator so that you can confarm that the numbers are correct.

Very few people know this strategy and this means that you too can join and become a millionaire in lest than one month or so. lets get into a bussiness

.Image result for zar 1 rand to     Image result for zar 1 rand to zar 1 million rand


if you have R1 on you forex account from any broker of your choice , all you have to do is to aim on doubling the your money everyday , Confused , yap i get it you think it is not possible but it is and is one of the strategies being used by most of the millionaire. here is the simple math you can also do with your calculator.

Day 1.  You have R1  and you double it to R2

Day 2. You double your R2 to R4

Day 3. R4 to R8

Day 4. R8 to R16

Day 5. R16 to R32

Day 6 R32 to R 64

Day 7. R64 to R128

Day 8 .R128 to R256

Day 9. R256 to R512

Day 10 .R512 to R1024

Day 11. R1024 to R 2048

Day 12. R 2048 to R 4096

Day 13. R4096 to R8 191

Day 14.  R8 191 to R16  382

Day 15. R16 382 to  R32 764

Day 16. R32 764 to R65 528

Day 17 . R65 528 to R131 056

Day 18. R131 056 to R262 112

Day 19 . R262 112 to R524 224

Day 20 . R524 224 to R1 048 448

Here we you , we hit R1 048 448 on day 20 , using the same strategy imagine what you will do if you continue the same way for another 20 days.

Yes is true forex is risky , just driving a car , it is very risky if you do not know how to drive. The only thing you have to do is to learn how to trade using a demo account provided by you broker, then when you get comfortable , start doing the real thing.

The reason why we write tests at the University , College , University of technology …etc , is because we do not have to learn with the real situation because it might cost you a life. example a doctor , How many people will die befere he /she get educated. now make sure you use the demo to learn not a real account.

One of my favourite in South Africa is Sandile Sheze , he is making millions already also using the same stratege.

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